How To Upload Details ?

Below is the Detailed description of how to upload all the details that are needed for you to get your ID Cards done. This details include what all needed from you. We will then get all the details and design provided by you and deliver you the final product.

These are the required items for ID Card :

Here are some sample images that show the list of details above mentioned.

idspot enterprises


Photograph of person with good quality. Background of the Photograph should be white. Provide a number to each photo on the backside.

Front Design

Front design of your choice. This image is a sample and design can be of your choice.

Back Design

Back design of your choice. If your card has only front design, then you can skip this design and send us only front design.

Person Details

Details of the person are to be filled in the Excel Sheet according to the fields provided. Please check our sample XLS FILE HERE for details of fields. Fill all the Details

Note : Please note that the photo number on back of a person's photo and first field of the details (Excel sheet) should be same. Otherwise you will end up with giving details of a person with photo of another person.

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